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KA-BOOM ~ Eminem Rides #WaveOfAction (Music Video)


When you have 4-minutes to crank your headphones, get ready for a paradigm shift… Omnipotent #WaveOfAction New music video features Eminem, Ice Cube, Korn and Anonymous aligning forces to BLOW YOUR MIND and set off the Worldwide Wave of Action ~ https://waveofaction.org/ This video is made in accordance to Fair Use laws for non-profit, non-commercial, educational and socially beneficial use...

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Spiritual Anarchy

Here’s a gonzo communique from deep inside the Worldwide Wave… We’ve been having a wild time gearing up for the Worldwide Wave of Action. Starting next week we will send out email newsletters three times a week. Despite the outrageously ambitious task and incredible amount of work it takes to help organize a decentralized campaign on a global scale, it’s...

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How I Became an “Activist”

This piece is part of my training to get back into fighting form for the forthcoming Worldwide Wave. Think of it as hitting the heavy bag or a mental sparring match in preparation for scaling those divide & conquer walls and traps of negativity that hold us back. It’s also a form of self-exploratory therapy, a flowing stream of consciousness....

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