Are You Ready To Be Unplugged? Freedom In A Time Of Mental Slavery (Video 1)


Video created in support of FREEDOM IN A TIME OF MENTAL SLAVERY…

Read adapted excerpts here…


Part 1: UNPRECEDENTED ABUNDANCE: Economic Reality – Peer Through The Illusion

Video footage from…

Ayahuasca Holland Om-Mij, Ayahuasca ceremonies Netherlands ~ TimeLapse

Neil deGrasse Tyson & Dr. S. James Gates ~ Computer Code Discovered In Superstring Equations

Stepping Into The Fire ~ Documentary.

Music from DJ Shadow ~ Building Steam With A Grain of Salt

Freedom In A Time of Mental Slavery, by David DeGraw


  1. Holy shit!

    Awesome to see you in the new Russell Brand doc. Also just watched your Keiser Report interview. Stay strong. Your existence is inspiring 🙂

  2. It seems that people who should know better continue to confuse our models of the world with the actual world in spite of all the simplifying assumptions that have to be made about the world in order for the models to work.

  3. I saw short video on freedom suggesting that the matrix actually is our reality. We do need to have a reality but it is up to us whether we accept the one created for us by power hungry predators or whether we are up to the task of creating the best case scenario for our new reality. I call it creating a “Holistic Social Dogma” as the new reality to replace the current “Materialistic Social Dogma”. I suppose I will see more of your stuff later. Keep up the good work.

  4. I thought this video was really fucking cool for the first 3 minutes, then the shaman showed up a blew my fucking mind!!

    You transitioned from the deepest science to the deepest spirituality. Absolutely divine conjuring.

    Sign me up!! I need more!!

  5. Just as it seemed that it was another normal Keiser Report, this inspirational interview appears! I appreciate the apparent integrity and look forward to working together on paths founded upon mutually beneficial actions.

  6. I’ve been a subscriber since you started ampedstatus. Your constant evolution is fascinating to witness. Have incredible respect for all you do. Massive gratitude for how much you have helped me expand my consciousness.

  7. I have been guided by Woodstock. In 1970 my High School History teacher took our class to see the movie Woodstock. Richie Havens opened with a song in which he literally made up on stage called “Freedom”. Richie always said, he never sat down and wrote a song, he allowed it to come to him mentally. Now at 60 years old I have experienced a lifetime of being true to my wife and family. I have adapted a spiritual lifestyle of being true to myself. I endured many years in the corporate world but never allowed them to change my views on honesty. I publish a website primarily dealing with my total detachment from the corporate world. I rebelled by blowing the whistle on my corrupt former employer only to find out the government agency I reported my findings to conspired with my former employer to silence me with a cover up. It worked up to about 2 years ago, but I have figured out their game and published the entire story on my website I also write a blog at I am committed to freedom and have found through my observations and analysis a new and dominate person in myself. I have been fighting back with my writings of lies and deception against me that I feel empowered to share my story so that we all can achieve the freedom we yearn for to make this world just.

  8. The Illuminati do not like you! Release the full book before you disappear into the next dimension. Awesome that you already released the unprecedented abundance report. Stay fearless my friend.

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