How I Became an “Activist”


This piece is part of my training to get back into fighting form for the forthcoming Worldwide Wave. Think of it as hitting the heavy bag or a mental sparring match in preparation for scaling those divide & conquer walls and traps of negativity that hold us back. It’s also a form of self-exploratory therapy, a flowing stream of consciousness. Let me know what you think. What parts need improvement? What parts inspire you? Your critique will be incredibly helpful.
How I Became an “Activist”

I don’t consider myself to be a progressive, libertarian, conservative, liberal, democrat or republican. I’m not a capitalist, communist, socialist or anarchist. I leave all those outdated labels to the academics and the divide and conquer propagandists. Those labels are all shortcuts to dismissal; they amputate critical thinking skills and shift the focus off of the substance of the message and the immense common ground we all actually share. Whatever political ideology or groupthinking box you surrender your freethinking mind to, we all have much more in common than we acknowledge.

We are freedom-seeking people who want to enjoy life. We want our kids, family and friends to grow up and live in a healthy environment with us, to have the freedom to follow our passions and fulfill our potential. We all want to live in a community that enhances our potential. So when I saw unhealthy outcomes surround me, I began to analyze them and look for root causes. This primarily led me to politics and economics generally, more specifically the creation of money, the global banking system and the corrupting influence of money in politics.

After doing intense research, I began reporting on my findings. I used to edit and write investigative reports exposing corruption in politics and economics. My focus on reporting what was happening without adhering to any one particular ideology or pre-existing groupthink led to the reports becoming popular on a wide diversity of sites, millions of people read them. I found fulfillment in exposing what I consider to be the root causes of problems that limit our potential. At the time, I felt people needed to know how corrupt our system had become. After awareness had spread – now you can’t jump on social media without seeing people posting on the corruption – continuing to just report on the corruption seemed to be a form of mental masturbation, merely a way to make an income. It seemed in just explaining the problems, the awareness was growing but not much at all was really changing. In fact, the suffering of those around me kept getting worse.

I became overwhelmed with a sense of futility. What is the sense in constantly reporting on the same people doing the same scandalous things? I began to feel like a person who was reporting on a serial killer. You report that this person killed that person, this is how they did it and this is how they will continue to do it. People say you are doing a good job and pat you on the back, but then when the killer strikes again, you report on it again, the cycle starts all over and the killer continues his spree. What is the point? At some point you have to stand up and do something about it. You can’t just keep reporting on it, you have to stop the killer. So I started organizing people. That’s how I became an “activist,” if that’s what you want to call it. I see it as being a freedom fighter. This will sound grandiose, and how effective I am at it is an open question, but ultimately I see myself as a person who fights for a society that increases enjoyment, fulfillment, empowerment and maximizes our potential.

I discovered that a small percentage of the population has $50 trillion in wealth. I also realized that the average person has no comprehension of how much money that truly is, and how just a mere fraction of that staggering amount of wealth could vastly evolve society, for the benefit of all. Once you understand the shortsightedness of this and fully realize the implications of this concentration of wealth, there really is no turning back. It is the greatest crime against humanity. Once you understand this massive injustice, and see the needless suffering of many of the people around you, the people you care about most, you begin to think how this could have ever happened. I’m all for personal responsibility, that plays a role, but this is clearly systemic, a system of exploitation is in place.

You start wondering how this system came to be, how it works. How did we end up with a system overrun with corruption and dominated by shortsighted greed? Then you begin to see how the mainstream media is truly the greatest weapon of oppression humanity has ever known. Even the most independent minded people vastly underestimate how propagandized and conditioned we all are. From cradle to grave, we are repetitiously programmed into a mental prison. The modern paradigm is built on relentless repetition. Repetitive thoughts fill our mental atmosphere, we are immersed in the climate of repetitive ideas. It’s what the advertising industry has always understood; nothing influences the mind more than repetition.

It’s bullshit on repetition and censorship by omission. The repetition drives us and the censorship makes sure we don’t veer off course and awaken our conscious thoughts for too long. The more important something is, the less it’s reported on in the mainstream press. The censorship that we have today is the most dangerous form. Not the censorship of explicit words, sex or violence, but the censorship of any thoughts outside of the prevailing corporate ideology. Any thoughts that deviate from the status quo are not allowed into mass consciousness.

People are systematically bred to be consumers and wage slaves, merely cogs in a shortsighted, greed-addicted machine. That sounds harsh, but it is the truth. The modern paradigm is neo-feudalism. The statistics and facts, the proof is overwhelming on this. I don’t think of it as some dark conspiracy theory. There are dark conspiracies, but more than anything I see it as the outcome of the clash between human nature, civilization and technology. In my view, it really does come down to human nature. That’s why I think talking about capitalism, socialism and communism is a waste of time. All of those ideologies started out as systems people thought would enhance freedom and prosperity at the time, but after a while they all became outdated and started to limit freedom and descended into oligarchy. It’s the Iron Law of Oligarchy. Once people achieve freedom or success, they tend to get complacent and power then begins to concentrate and corruption and injustice is the outcome. You get what we have now, a paradigm that has outlived its usefulness. Things get too concentrated, corruption reigns and a critical mass suffers, then the masses rise up and freedom begins to grow again. This is an oversimplification of course, just a general ebb and flow that plays out to varying degrees.

The scary part though, this time around, our technological capabilities, our enhanced ability to consume and destroy; our shortsighted greed may have outpaced our long-term thinking, our humanity. That’s the pessimistic view. I’m feeling optimistic now though. As painful as the past few years have been, and as steep as the many challenges we face moving forward are, I feel an erratic sense of excitement and optimism about the future. It’s the old “darkest before the dawn” line. History has demonstrated that it only takes 3.5% of the population engaging in non-violent activism to create positive, significant and meaningful change. The awareness level, the awareness that things are moving in the wrong direction is so widespread now. More and more people are turning to activism of some kind. A few sparks will set the evolution ablaze.

Changing the corrupt political and economic system that is currently in place is not rocket science. Those in power want you to think that it is, but it really is very basic. We are almost at a critical mass on many fronts, just by people doing what they can in their personal lives “to be the change.” Being the change we need to see, in your personal life, is a needed first step that many people are now taking. What I’m after though is making those changes the cool thing to do on a mass scale, to infiltrate and subvert the propaganda system that has dumbed us down and shift it to an enlightening and empowering force. For all the exploitation and injustice within the modern system, it wouldn’t take much to alter it from a tool of exploitation to a tool of empowerment.

Media is becoming much more decentralized now, and that is a very healthy thing. However, we still have the 800-pound gorilla, the mainstream media Goliath dominating mass consciousness, so along with growing new media we also need to focus on ways to co-opt the dominant mainstream propaganda system. You then ask, “How can we make that happen?” In my experience, the best way to do that is to create a stir on the ground, to engage in actions that the mainstream media cannot ignore. Even if they do ignore them, if the actions are large and consistent enough, we can create so much buzz online now, it will further expose the mainstream media’s complicity in oppression and propaganda, and help speed up traditional media’s decline.

Another wave of mass protests and rallies on the ground, in public, in our communities will spark the shift in consciousness that it will take to push us toward a freedom that provides widespread health and prosperity. Activism is at the core a marketing strategy, its psychological operations. It’s a way of countering conditioned consciousness. You empower people by showing them that you are not going to just let corruption and injustices happen, you are not going to take it and they don’t have to either. You let people know that they are not alone. The mainstream media makes people feel as if they are suffering in isolation. The overwhelming majority of us are suffering in isolation. Once we break through the false sense of isolation and the feeling of futility that it creates, we will unleash the unstoppable power we have in numbers. It doesn’t matter how much money and weapons those in power have, they are weak compared to an awakened and organized nonviolent population. Without the consent and participation of the population, they have no real power. Once the majority realizes this, the handful of corrupt people who are presently running our lives will be quickly swept into the dustbin of history.

The corrupt know how powerful nonviolent direct action activism is in the current environment because the propaganda system is collapsing. Propaganda doesn’t work very well when people can’t pay their bills. There is presently a critical mass of aware citizens; all we need is a few consistent sparks. That’s why the police state cracked down so harshly on the Occupy Movement. Occupy was on the verge of becoming a serious popular uprising. We were creating a powerful sense of community. People participating felt like they had a voice and the solidarity and support of a compassionate community. That is a key element that is missing from the oppressive and dehumanizing corporatization of society. We were creating a subculture of transformation that people could easily become part of. Thousands of these camps quickly sprung up and they were driven more by a sense of community than they were any one particular political agenda. We overcame the divide and conquer propaganda by just involving anyone, regardless of what their propaganda driven political beliefs, perspectives and preconceptions were. By focusing on the community and subcultural aspects, we were a lot closer to sparking a revolution and inspiring a significant societal evolution than most people realized.

All it took was about 300 people deciding that they were going to peacefully occupy a small park in New York, and a few instances of police brutality against these nonviolent people. That small action dramatically changed the political debate and sent shockwaves throughout the world. We can do something like that again, and we will soon. I’m very confident that we now know several effective ways to do it.

The bottomline, in my view, we need to make people see how they are looking at life through the rearview mirror. They are basing their view of the present situation on their understanding of past situations. Thanks to the conditioning process of the mainstream media, most people don’t understand the paradigm shift that has occurred. They don’t fully grasp how much wealth there really is. They underestimate the technological capacity we now have to distribute wealth, resources and services much more efficiently and effectively. The capacity for evolution and change, due to the advancement of technology, can deliver us a very dramatic shift toward mass freedom, more substantially and swiftly than anything that has been experienced before. We can make it happen. The modern oligarchy is collapsing. Another small uprising will trigger the needed mass support to finally make the advancements in society that we should have made a generation ago.

So that’s why I’m an “activist” now. We need to infect people with radical positivity. We need to inspire and empower people to snap them out of this propagandized and beaten mindset that they are repetitiously imprisoned into. We need to jam the repetitious low frequency conditioning that contracts mass consciousness. We need to expand awareness and transcend conditioned consciousness by lighting sparks of freedom and empowerment, by setting brush fires in the mass mind. We can show people that another world is not only possible, it’s happening.

That’s what the Occupy Movement briefly did for the people who took part in it. It was a consciousness-expanding phenomenon. All these free radicals appeared inside the conditioning machine. They shined brightly within the dreary environment of people’s oppressive daily lives. Occupy was a splinter in the mind that slightly shifted mass consciousness. It cracked open the window and let a flickering light in. Occupy was the opening act, the awakening wave. For those of us who are paying attention, there is clearly another wave forming. That’s why I’m now focusing on the Worldwide Wave of Action. A Worldwide Wave of Transformation is coming this spring. We are on the cusp of an unprecedented evolutionary leap forward. I’m not talking about a utopia; I’m talking about a dramatic increase in empowerment and freedom. That’s what this is all about.

The more you take action, the more empowered you feel. You don’t need to have all the answers and some precise predefined outcome agreed upon beforehand. Change and evolution have never come about that way. You just need to stir things up, create a nonviolent groundswell and positive change will organically arise. Out of action, answers, solutions and a sense of purpose and fulfillment emerge. Your positive actions become contagious, you begin to radiate at a powerful frequency. You become infectious in the most positive way. Don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourself.


  1. I heard you were working on a community development project in southern CA and NY that puts money back into the community from the profits of the development project. I would like to hear more about this. I am working on something similar. Please email me–

  2. Being an activist for what? Look if you throw out human history of wars of liberation, you put out your own eyes. Words have complex intense meanings accrued across milena which US “activists”dismiss as archaic. You miss the whole of human history including U.S. history. Communism, socialism, anarchism are vastly important concepts that summarize human political experiments to free the common man from slavery to the brutal elitist predator class.This has been going on since we came out of the trees. I am an Occupy activist with a public radio show. I am not a pacifist and I am not interested in ravings of those who fear the real implications of his ravings. Occupy drew back because of fear of state violence. What’s new? We all know the show is rigged and farting in the wind is the usual verbose response of the newly awakened outraged children.I work for a public owned county bank. my local community does not understand money and banking and its tyranny structures. So we educate and work through this single issue to the whole vicious structure of capitalism. I work to end county allowance of agricultural poisons on crops and playgrounds and nursery schools. At the same time I work with people and our group mind to develop praxis: theory that arises out of practice to evaluate what happened,intended and unintended.

    There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. John F. Kennedy
    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy
    If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.
    John F. Kennedy
    Now the trumpet summons us again—not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need; not as a call to battle, though embattled we are—but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, “rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation”—a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself. John F. Kennedy
    And so, my fellow americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country. John F. Kennedy

  4. Fundamentally on the right track, but per your request some adjustments, I will provide some from this “elder” of the left–been at it since mid sixties. Glad to see the invitation to critique it, with some kudos along the way. Yes to describing it a neo-feudalism, with corporations in the role of mega-landlords and mega-barons of old. The sixties was the dress rehearsal for our current era, and yes, Occupy was the opening skirmish.
    Much of the defiant optimism you express can also be seen in THRIVE, the Movie (search engine time for those who have not seen it). In that regard, we are REVEL-utionaries, exuberantly finding ways to dismantle the edifices of the empire, with the Berlin Wall as a concrete (in both senses) example! You describe this mood as radical positivity. Are you aware that the very term “conspiracy theory: was invented by the CIA to consciously discredit those who pointed out anomalies in the government’s story of the JFK murder, and their role in carrying it out? A “theory” by the way is an attempt to explain rationally, with evidence, a diverse set of phenomena in a coherent manner. Think “Theory of Relativity” for instance. I am puzzled by the phrase, “erratic sense of excitement;” I think you MAY have meant “erotic.” Not sure. Odd phrase.
    While I understand your desire to flush all “isms,” it is a matter of your throwing out the baby with the bath water. There is lots of wisdom in what has been done before, and just because early forms of socialism have been crushed, aborted, or corrupted does not mean that it ought to be ignored. The term does NOT mean, as the oppressor class would have us believe, “Big Government” micro-managing our lives, but in its true sense it means “empowerment of the working class at the expense of the exploiting class. I would propose the concept of “decentralized socialism,” within which small scale entrepreneurship is not only permitted, but encouraged.
    There is a book written by one who knows called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” to which I will refer you. I have yet to read it myself. Your assessment of the mass corporate media is on target, but it is one of the weak links, since they need to pretend to be “objective” and “fair and balanced” (LOL) while spewing forth all sorts of nonsense or trivia. But like the emperor with no clothes, we see through it, and the appropriate response is satire and ridicule. As I say “Satirists of the World Unite! You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Cheneys.”
    The paradigm shift is current on-going, not complete as you suggest. I do need to disagree with the comment that “it doesn’t matter” how much money or weapons they have (just ask the Native Americans of the 18th and 19th century or the German Jewish people, etc.) but rather who it is they are expecting to follow orders no matter how awful.
    Nonetheless a very good opening presentation for discussion.

    • Hi Jon! good stuff too! Your comments on the “isms” piqued my memory of the following (still on my hard drive 20 years later!):

      Author Eric Fromm addressed a similar problem in an Introduction to a 1960 reprinting of Edward Bellamy’s 1887 novel “Looking Backwards 2000 – 1887:

      Three words are used in this introduction to which people react in an allergic fashion, i.e., utopia, socialism, and nationalism. It is interesting to see why in our time these words have lost their original meaning. All three have in common the quality of lost hopes and ideals: Utopia, in our materialistic world, means idle dreaming, instead of the ability to plan and change into a truly human world; Socialism has been betrayed by the reformist leaders of 1914, and by the communist leaders of the Stalinist and Khruschevist systems, while originally it expressed in a more realistic and scientific way the goals of the utopia; Nationalism has deteriorated to the idolatry of the nation-state, instead of retaining its original meaning of a free and truly human national life. It is necessary to consider the original of these concepts, and to recapture it.

      • Thank you Timothy! I appreciate the acknowledgment. So much to be said, but I will try to keep it short. Analogies: modern mega-church-based Christianity is to the original Jesus as today’s corporate state is to Jeffersonian democracy ,as the late stage Soviet Union is to Lenin’s leadership–all utterly betrayed. The dilemma is now how to separate the wheat from the chaff. Regarding nation states, nationalism as practiced by large aggressive states is clearly a deep negative, but the holding onto sovereignty by small non-aggressive states is a positive, in the main if democratic (big “if”). Jan. 17th marks the 120th year of the US occupation (this is the correct term–I know this matter well) of the country known as Hawai’i, alleged “annexation” and “statehood” notwithstanding. this is NOT a “settled matter,” although the ruling class is unified in wanting us to believe so. .

      • Yes I agree. I do a lot of reading, much of it outside the mainstream, and I routinely encounter comments to the effect that the situation involving Hawaii [sic] is not what it is generally presumed to be. Based on my admittedly limited knowledge of the facts it looks like they just took it at gunpoint and called it legal.

        As for the rest I certainly concur that it is substantively about language. From the examples that you give, I would say that you are focusing on (or referring to) outcome or end-states, whereas I tend to concentrate on process. Some years ago I came across a decision of the House of Lords in the UK where the Court cautioned :”One must take care not to confuse the object of a conspiracy [to defraud] with the means by which it is intended to be carried out.” The broadly-defined institutions also tend to focus on the various opinions of what they are or have become, because all of the smoking-gun evidence is associated with the process of getting there.

        Virtually the entire alternative community constantly argues and debates the inequitable and criminal result of banking, for example. But when you attend at the lawyer’s office to close on a mortgage, you are required to swear under oath and penalty of perjury that you are the existing registered owner of the house that you merely intend to purchase, and that you have already received the loan proceeds from the bank.

        The bank then acts upon both the false document and the false statements/receipt embedded in it, as its own and sole contribution to the loan account. The banker’s fraud is always preceded by the lawyer’s fraud and if the system gets caught it is the lawyers who are going to jail before the bankers.

        Anyway, gotta run for now and thanks again for your enlightening comments.

      • Short PS, Long ago I read Bellamy’s Looking Backward and was impressed. good book!

      • Hi: thanks! I too read Looking Backward. It has been almost 20 years now and I still support the concept with only minor objections and or alterations. The common currency of humanity is time and not money, and any equitable arrangement has to be based in time. In any case, here is my favourite quote/passage from the book (in my file it was right underneath the Introduction provided by Eric Fromm.

        “How happened it,” was Dr. Leete’s reply, “that your [19th century] workers were able to produce more than so many savages would have done? Was it not wholly on account of the heritage of the past knowledge and achievements of the race, the machinery of society, thousands of years in contriving, found by you ready-made to your hand? How did you come to be possessors of this knowledge and this machinery, which represent nine parts to one contributed by yourself in the value of your product? You inherited it, did you not? And were not these others, these unfortunate and crippled brothers whom you cast out, joint inheritors, co-heirs with you? What did you do with their share? Did you not rob them when you put them off with crusts, who were entitled to sit with the heirs, and did you not add insult to robbery when you called the crusts charity?

        “Ah, Mr. West,” Dr. Leete continued, as I did not respond, “what I do not understand is, setting aside all considerations either of justice or brotherly feelings toward the crippled and defective, how the workers of your day could have had any heart for their work, knowing that their children, or grand-children, if unfortunate, would be deprived of the comforts and even necessities of life. It is a mystery how men with children could favor a system under which they were rewarded beyond those less endowed with bodily strength or mental power. For, by the same discrimination by which the father profited, the son, for whom he would give his life, being perchance weaker than others, might be reduced to crusts and beggary. How men dared leave children behind them, I have never been able to understand.”

  5. I really appreciate that you “don’t consider myself to be a progressive, libertarian, conservative, liberal, democrat or republican. I’m not a capitalist, communist, socialist or anarchist.” But appreciate far more that you “ultimately see yourself as a person who fights for a society that increases enjoyment, fulfillment, empowerment and maximizes our potential.” More than anything else we need a movement with that at the core rather than “justice.”

    Here’s a project that would be a part of that:

    Becoming the Change (BTC) project
    That “other world” that we know is possible becomes realized much more by our becoming its people than by the projects and institutions we create on that journey. We create from what we are far more than from what we think we should be. And we create stuff outside us to help us become more aligned with what is possible. So let us focus on our projects and institutions emerging and developing out of our continually becoming more cooperative and democratic beings, not from who we are now.

    Given our conditioning from the society we have grown up in, we embody both the organic disposition for mutuality and the learned disposition for oppression. If we wish to help create a world of more mutuality and less oppression, then we must learn how to relate more out of mutuality and less out of oppression. This requires personal and cultural transformation. We must tap our organic capacity for relating out of abundance and mutuality, and withdraw it from relationships of oppression grounded in scarcity.

    This is extremely difficult work. It involves learning to see ourselves and reality in substantially different ways than we would like. We know from experience that it is doable, but we know so little about how to enculturate it more broadly and at deeper levels. This is the great gap in our knowledge as a species.

    So how do we fill this gap? Through social learning organizations where it is possible to focus on becoming the change (BTC) we want to bring to the world. Some of us need to become participants in and creators of small cultures that promote mutuality and diminish oppression in their relationships with each other. These small ongoing communities would serve as intentional laboratories where we would do this work intensely and experientially. Various BTC communities would also work together in cultural transformation studies (CTS). This would be an experiential action research network (EARN) to provide the diverse and long term foundation for filling this great gap in our species’ knowledge. At the same time each BTC community would be active in other kinds of related networks, especially in the larger community environments in which they are embedded.

  6. I hope that this reaches many people because I certainly support what you have said.

    You ask for criticisms and I suppose length represents a problem. You and I want you to reach many people, but today our attention span is so short that I think you will lose many along the way. I am saddened by this. While I certainly do not want to go back to the days of two hour sermons, I think we should slow down to absorb the kinds of things you have said here.

    In any case, thank you for speaking out. I wish you well.

  7. Great post Dave. I have been with you since the failed “Flag Day” Revolt in June 2011. What you have described as reporting on s serial killer I think of as waking up to financial “groundhog” day after day after day after day. If we are going to evolve the “manufacturing consent” media has got to go. Chris Hedges wrote a great piece in which he stated the poets and artisans need to help spread the word to “kill your television” or “turn on consciousness by turning off the boob tube/idiot box”. Too many of us still turn on that darned box. We need to somehow get someone to see themselves as stupid if/when they turn on the box. It can be done. Also, a critical part of the evolution is maintaining free and open peer to peer communications. In addition to ditching verizon, comcast et al for cable said companies also need to be shown the door as ISP’s. I know some bright young kid out there can figure this one out. This needs to be done quickly. The PTB’s are hammering the nails in the non-corporate net as we speak. I think it is safe to say that if we can build some type of free peer to peer network that cannot be controlled the media as we know will perish in short order. Finally, ending the FED as we know would solve SO many problems. We have to move past money. Not as easy task I know but I hope not completely utopian either. We have veered far from Fuller’s Critical Path. Any new “system” which stills has money or a medium of “exchange/barter” or economics as the core principle (ie capitalist, communist, socialist or anarchist) is not going to change anything. Radical fucked up problems oh say like the Pacific Ocean being irradiated and becoming devoid of all life forms require radically different thinking. As you said it’s what isn’t reported that is actually news and we need to act fast. Thanks.

  8. Dave,
    You’re right on target in this passage:
    “You let people know that they are not alone. The mainstream media makes people feel as if they are suffering in isolation. The overwhelming majority of us are suffering in isolation. Once we break through the false sense of isolation and the feeling of futility that it creates, we will unleash the unstoppable power we have in numbers. It doesn’t matter how much money and weapons those in power have, they are weak compared to an awakened and organized nonviolent population. Without the consent and participation of the population, they have no real power. Once the majority realizes this, the handful of corrupt people who are presently running our lives will be quickly swept into the dustbin of history.”

    This is the reason I’m involved with .

    I think you’re off target in apparently (correct me if I’m mistaken) adhering to the philosophy of nonviolence, about which I have written at and also at .

  9. Well said. Yes, be the change, and especially, no inequality. Isn’t this what we are talking about. Aren’t we tired of a system where monarchy really has found a way to prolong itself, where narcisssists are promoted, where inequality is not spoken of? Of course it is our own doing. Humans should never have accepted inequality in the first place. Violence is the only thing that can prop it up. Non-violence always takes it down 😉 Stopping all systems of exploitation is a super cool thing to do. Fuck the king, and fuck his monopoly game! All kings are bad things, they lay waste to living lands and build monuments to themselves with other peoples hands as if they could be more worthy! No human can be more worthy than another. None can have a higher status of character or self-worth. Assigning status to our skill, abilities and understanding makes sense but never relating this to the status of our character or worth. All humans are equally worthy of the resources of our home planet.

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