The first priority of a president is to provide security and safety to the general population. Therefore, I would focus military operations on deploying sustainable technologies in service to national and global security, as a defense against terrorism and instability, while also significantly improving everyone’s quality of life. For a fraction of current military spending, we could set up a decentralized global network that would empower local communities to become self-sufficient for the basic necessities of life with a combination of solar energy, hydroponic farming, water purification and wireless communication, which would provide abundant healthy food, water, energy and education worldwide. These technologies operate without the need for any fossil fuels and produce zero carbon footprint, which also significantly combats pollution and resource instability.

This would be in alignment with the paradigm shift in sustainable technological development that is evolving power away from old centralized systems that consolidate wealth, resources and power into fewer and fewer hands, which makes the masses dependent on them for the basic necessities of life. When you empower people on a local level with these sustainable technologies that they need to produce the necessities of life, you are freeing humanity from resource scarcity and economic exploitation, which also significantly increases security by reducing violence and crime that results from hopelessness and desperation. The reduction of psychological stress this provides, along with the production of healthy abundant food and clean water, will drastically reduce malnutrition, disease and healthcare expenses as well.

When people don’t need to depend on large corporations or non-local sources for basic necessities, they will not need to go into debt just to live. This will fundamentally change the entire economic system. The implications of these sustainable technologies could not be more profound. We now have the ability to not only end global hunger and poverty, we now have the ability to end economic insecurity in general. It is a complete paradigm shift.

With current sustainable technologies we can train one person with a very minimal education level to provide basic necessities to an entire community, with zero carbon footprint. This is not some far off goal that we hope to pull off within the next 50 – 100 years. We can do it right now! The fact that this is not being done, or even debated right now, is further proof of the corruption and shortsightedness that dominates our government, economy, mainstream media and society in general. For all the significant problems that we are currently confronted by, there are existing viable solutions. If I were president, I would use the military to deploy these solutions as a first priority. This can be funded within the existing budget. I would also shift as much of the existing tax burden for this away from the general population and onto corporate profits.

David is currently working on The Independent Project (TIP); in support of Independent and third party candidates. Check out for more info.

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