Quick Riff On The #ParadigmShift (Three New Projects)


If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been MIA, here’s what I’ve been up to…

Three new projects:

1) Sustainability project (TBA)
2) The Independent Project (TIP.vote)
3) Accelerator Network (TBA)

This is the first of many videos that I will be putting out. This one is just a quick video blog to give some background info on the 3 new projects – videos will have higher production value moving forward.

The #ParadigmShift Is On!!

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UPDATE: Here’s a 30 second teaser for the #ParadigmShift video series… (Watch Video)


  1. Awesome brother! Love the way you make sense of everything. Excited to see the sustainable tech in action!

  2. Nice! Completely agree with your between 2 paradigms take. Let’s unleash the new paradigm before the old one destroys us! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.

  3. I have always been impressed with your work David. It sounds like you are ramping up for another major impact. I hope you keep hitting home runs!

  4. Such an inspiring vibe coming from this video. Very contagious 😉

  5. We need one solid model of a thriving community based on sustainable technology. Establish that and then market it to the masses. Once we do that the paradigm shift will happen.

  6. Thank you my friend. Please add me to that email list.

    Best Regards

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