Shutdown Solution: Opt Out of Tyranny


It’s Time For A Do-It-Ourselves Revolution

“All countries are basically social arrangements, accommodations to changing circumstances.
No matter how permanent and even sacred they may seem at any one time,
in fact they are all artificial and temporary.”

— Strobe Talbott

How much longer are we going to protest and post online reports, rants, videos and launch campaigns that will hopefully raise awareness on issue after issue, problem after problem, as the situation gets worse? How much longer are we going to just keep crying about the need for change and pleading with puppet politicians in hopes that they will care about anything other than what their top campaign contributors think? At what point are we going to start acting like free and responsible citizens and stop acting like disgruntled servants waiting for our masters to save us and do the right thing?

C’mon people, let’s grow up and get real! The reformers have had their chance. For decades reformers have desperately clung to the fleeting belief that they can change the system from within. Well, after the latest government shutdown fiasco, the jury is now clearly in! We cannot allow the continued delusion and denial of reformers to prolong our suffering any longer. While reformers collect their paychecks, we are dying a slow painful death.

How many more crises will we endure before we truly act upon the fact that the government is working against our interests? How much more proof do we need? The current TWO-party oligarchy is a parasite sucking the life and wealth out of us. An organized criminal class has taken control of our government and rigged the game against us. It’s an undeniable truth. Even the propagandized masses realize this now. Poll after poll shows all-time record low approval ratings for this government. The main point of the Declaration of Independence is now more relevant than it was back in 1776; the government no longer has the consent of the governed.

As Thomas Jefferson wisely said many generations ago, “Every generation needs a new revolution.” The only reason why we haven’t evolved the government or solved any of the major problems we are confronted by is because this antiqued governmental system is now wholly corrupt! Our future has been sold to the highest bidder and is now held hostage by “special interests,” by a TWO-party oligarchy. People no longer trust the government or the corporate puppets that run it. The majority has lost faith in our political, economic and legal system.

We are toiling in a country where 50% of the population is either in poverty or “near poverty,” and 75% lives paycheck to paycheck. Meanwhile, US millionaires have $50 TRILLION in wealth. The rich have never been richer, while we have an all-time record number of people in poverty and prison. There is no need for us to be struggling in such hardship. There is more than enough wealth to fix our problems and evolve society for the benefit of all. For all the problems we face, there are effective solutions. Solutions that are being held back due to corruption. How much longer are we going to keep banging our heads against this same old wall? THIS INSANITY HAS TO STOP!!

Banana Republic “Elections”

The electoral process is now completely rigged. The Supreme Court has become supremely corrupt. They consistently side with corruption, removing every last restraint on the corrupting influence of money in politics. You now need millions of dollars to even be considered for Congress. On top of that, the mainstream media will only give airtime to status quo supporting, paid off politicians. Both corrupt parties control the televised debates, so you can’t even get into the debate without bowing to the oligarchy. To sum it up, without millions of dollars, the endorsement of either wing of the oligarchy or the blessing of the mainstream media, you can’t achieve meaningful power. That’s not even mentioning the difficulty of getting on ballots in the first place, or gerrymandering.

If you somehow make it past all those barriers of corruption, good luck dealing with the fact that electronic “voting” machines produce easily hacked, unverifiable results that are tallied in secrecy. These machines are owned by private companies that are in bed with leaders of both parties and the intelligence community. If you have plans to go against the entrenched power structure, these “voting” machines will have mysterious “glitches” that make votes automatically go to one of the two puppet parties. Do you seriously think privately held “voting” machine companies and the NSA are going to let elections be won by real change-makers?

Alas, it would take a miracle for a meaningful number of candidates to ever make a serious run in the first place. Both puppet parties and the mainstream media will launch a relentless propaganda attack. Even if they could overcome that, the NSA will have enough private information on them, even if they are angels in their personal life, to blackmail or concoct false smear campaigns that will be carried out by psychological operations experts through relentless 24/7 wall-to-wall media attacks. If a critical mass of candidates somehow someway do the impossible, pull of a miracle of unprecedented proportions and break through all those barriers of corruption, then, at that point, you can be sure that there will be an assassination list with those change-making candidates’ names at the top of it.

If you’re naïve enough to think that this is all overly cynical exaggerating, you are not paying attention. Look at the assassination plans that were created for protesters during the Occupy Movement. Before they were able to crush a peaceful protest with brutal police state force, they were ready to start gunning down protesters. Just imagine what they would do if any of those protesters became serious candidates for the highest offices in the land. Whether you want to believe it or not, this is the reality of our present situation. Our political process is controlled by a tyrannical totalitarian regime.

After analyzing all options, the only real, legitimate option we have is to organize a grassroots decentralized movement that forms new alternative, self-sufficient communities. At this time, setting up autonomous communities is a commonsense solution, and the most effective way to avoid the fallout from a corrupted collapsing system.

Opt Out of the Tyrannical Regime!

“All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency is great and unendurable. And oppression and robbery are organized, I say; let us not have such a machine any longer. I think that it is not too soon for honest men to rebel and revolutionize.”
— Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

We occupied in protest. We raised the awareness level of the 99%. We have had a significant impact on mass consciousness. Now, it’s time to step it up! As Jim Morrison sang, “They’ve got the guns, but we got the numbers.” Let’s start acting like we still live in a free society. Let’s opt out of the tyrannical regime!

The overwhelming majority falsely believes that we can’t create change, which is why we are in this mess. The mainstream media has propagandized most people into feeling like we can’t do anything to fix the problems we are confronted by. BULLSHIT!! We live in the richest, most technologically advanced society humanity has ever known. We don’t need the plastic puppet politicians anymore. They’re obsolete!

It’s time for us to evolve society by starting our own autonomous local communities. Occupy inspired thousands of autonomous camps. What if we reestablished those camps as permanent Sustainable Autonomous Zones? There are already many intentional communities and collectives that are organically growing all over the place. Let’s learn from them. We’ve dedicated our energy to working on a plan to create a decentralized network of Sustainable Autonomous Zones so we can begin creating self-sufficient communities that can model new ways of living that make present ways of living obsolete. As Buckminster Fuller brilliantly said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

There is now a critical mass of citizens who are aware and capable enough to start these self-sufficient communities. Take it upon yourself to organize people in your community. Create independent social networks to communicate and organize, MEET IN PERSON, set up communities of support in your neighborhood. Bring a community of aware and capable citizens together in your own way and figure out systems that work best for you.

We Need a Do-It-Ourselves Revolution

Thriving communities can model new ways of living and we can create a support system that enables them to proliferate widely. If autonomous communities want to organize on a larger scale, there are now ways for them to easily do so. We are living in an interconnected technological society. People throughout the world have been experimenting with more efficient forms of governance. Liquid Democracy is an example of a dynamic and effective information age style of government that sane societies would embrace over what we have now.

Out of these communities, we can organically grow new systems of governance. We don’t have to fire a single shot or let the present situation descend further into violence. We just need to create a better system on a local level. As we prove the effectiveness of our new systems, the current system, which is already in a state of collapse, will crumble. If the corrupt establishment resorts to violence and attacks us again, it will only further galvanize the masses in support of us. A marginalized critical mass of people are suffering. Once we roll up our sleeves, lead by example and begin to provide solutions, they will be on our side.

It all comes down to a simple question: Are you a servant or are you a free individual? This is the most serious and profound question you need to answer, for your own sake, for the sake of your family and your future.

For all you free, aware and critically thinking people who realize that our current government is in a state of collapse and are ready for a Do-It-Ourselves revolution, we have just begun organizing on an independent social network called We would love for you to join and let us know what you are doing. Many of you are already doing inspiring and effective solution-based work. Let’s learn from each other and take it to the next logical level: decentralized autonomous local communities, which will form new effective ways of living, free from tyranny.


  1. This is already happening with the Transition movement around the world and other such groups. Lee Loe, TX Grandmother for Peace

  2. You hit the nail on the head. Autonomous communities are the future!!

  3. I have been through the small, communal process in the wake of burning out in Lincoln Park in 1968. All I know is that the revolution has to be different than that. We need to come up with a notion of local, sustainable democracy that can function in the real world, not as opposition but replacement. This is what lies beyond my current effort (some posted here) to lay out cybercommunity as a basis for global democratic revolution. I fully agree with Davd’s perspective. I hope that this can all flower into something that “takes” over this century.

  4. Off subject but
    Chris wrote a Whitewash and omitted Reagan economic failures and others.
    I voted twice for him. I loved to hear him speak.
    His negatives are—Increased Spending by 80%–Debt by 189%–initiated our involvement in 5 foreign conflicts—Cut Carter’s creation of 218,000 jobs per month to 175,000—Started redistribution of wealth by giving top a 60% income tax cut.

    • Some writers conclude that RR lost his fire and control after the assassination attempt–which left VP Bush running the nation and policy. An interesting book that Bush was strictly CIA and Big Oil has been written bly Russ Baker, FAMILY OF SECRETS. The massive cabal is alleged to have framed Nixon.

    • Neil Young said: red means run son NUMBERS add up to nothing. Accept the police state. It’s here and growing and it will get worse. No one is going to do a darned thing. There will be no revolution in my lifetime. There will be no collapse. There may (probably) be a larger scale war in order to maintain dollar hegemony. Said war will “thin the heard” of the young folks who tend to lead such revolutions. I don’t mean to be a pessimist just a realist.

    • Or Libertarian Party. This post could as easily have come from the right. The far left and the far right meet around the other side of the circle that is the true political spectrum. It’s time folks with the same ideas stop being divided and seeing each other as enemies. Reach out to the Free Starters in New Hampshire! They have the exact same plans. You should be working together against the government, not eyeing each other with suspicion as the established parties have worked hard to make you do.

      • Good point Tim. David is one of the very few people who consistently delivers messages that have crossover appeal and manages to reach beyond the progressive / libertarian divide. That’s why Occupy in the early days before it became too polarized had the power and impact that it briefly had. We need people who can transcend the left vs right divide and conquer propaganda. Other than David, Dylan Ratigan was another person who could do it. Jessie Ventura maybe as well. We need them to push the autonomous community message. Who else? Hedges?

      • Who else? Look to the Free State Project. They have few dozen state reps! And there is an entire wing of under-the-radar folks in the movement who are already building communities like those proposed. Think the Federal Reserve is part of the problem? There are folks in the movement manufacturing cash-to-Bitcoin ATM machines. Think the police state has too much power? They have published phone apps to record police during enounters. They have independently-wealthy lawyers defending folks in the movement.

        In other words, now that you’ve come to this conclusion, you do not need to figure this out on your own, from scratch. The Free State Project is well ahead of you. My message to David’s readers is to move to NH and get on board! There are people there already to provide leadership – to help you figure out where you would best fit in, where to move, and where to find support. And if you have the capacity to lead, there is already energy there, in need of your leadership.

      • You want to ally with others that are against government, but most self described libertarians are for projecting military force to secure access to cheap resources to support capitalism, and many enjoy watching police beat on activists they disagree with.
        The difference between our movements is that we care about helping people and they don’t.
        You may disagree with the tactics of reformers, but those that actually care about people and cooperating to make a better world are our natural allies, and those that see an anything goes survival of the fittest rat race as the true definition of liberty are not, imho.

  5. I fully support your conclusions and your plan. Detroit seems ripe for creating these kinds of communities by the way. I do have some disagreements however
    .Just as in the Matrix Leo had to go into the matrix to fight it, it is probably necessary for some people to engage the illusion of reform in order to free more people from the system. After people get disappointed by an Obama, you have to be there to keep their despair from changing into apathy.
    Also, the internal logic of the illusion has at this moment created a monster that is scaring its creators. The billionaires are tripping over themselves to disavow the Tea Party which in its zeal to “shut it down,” is opening cracks in the two party system. Although I agree that the system is fixed, messing with that system keeps them busy, leaving new model time to grow. Encouraging, say the Green Party, on the other side, won’t create too many solutions, but it could create time and fluidity.
    It is also important to remember that capitalism has made its living crushing small independent communities for centuries, so if we do not develop ways to work together, to come to each others aid, to use creativity and occasionally masses of people to manipulate the main stream media into spreading our message, they will eventually devour these communities before they are allowed to flourish.

  6. Here in the Pacific Northwest I’ve alway thought that opting out of the union would be the most viable solution.

    This government and its supposed “leaders” are worthless. We can do better!

  7. Many of us reached similar conclusions in the sixties and are now “the elders” with that same conviction, but with somewhat less vital energy due to age. However we have acquired some wisdom. I have published in Green Horizon magazine an article I titled: “All in Favor of Ending the Empire, Say ‘AYE!’ ” In it I refer to occasions when I have posed that question in a public speech, to universal acclaim, but with laughter (as if it was so easy). But, I say, what if we take that question seriously, what can we do? I use an analogy: visualize a modern army tank bristling with high powered bazookas and rockets. Now imagine it driving into 20 feet of quicksand–instantly useless! What, then, is the political-economic equivalent of quicksand? I suspect it has to do with financial collapse. I have coined the term “REVEL-utionaries to describe the joy involved in the dismantling process, akin to when Berliners on both sides annihilated the Berlin Wall, a decades long symbol of tyranny.

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