Here’s a gonzo communique from deep inside the Worldwide Wave…

We’ve been having a wild time gearing up for the Worldwide Wave of Action. Starting next week we will send out email newsletters three times a week. Despite the outrageously ambitious task and incredible amount of work it takes to help organize a decentralized campaign on a global scale, it’s been a blast. It’s already turning into a punk rock show, held at the Vatican. In this early stage, we are vibrating on low and high frequencies over here, covering the full spectrum of consciousness. On one wavelength, there are co-conspiring rebels with a cause dedicated to exposing and non-violently overthrowing the old corrupted tyrannical regime. On others, we have deep spirituality and builders of the new.

How can we sum up the experience? Hmm… Imagine if Pope Francis became the new lead singer of Rage Against the Machine. Imagine if Sid Vicious had a baby with Mother Teresa. Imagine if the Dalai Lama had babies with Pussy Riot, without having sex; like the Dalai Lama just meditated on it and the whole band mysteriously got knocked up. Yes, strange scenes inside the Gaian mind. Once you tap into this madly divine realm, there is no turning back. Someone slipped Ayahuasca into the water at #www’s undisclosed locations. The rabbit done died and the hole runs deep, we’re being sucked up into a vortex. The Matrix has been exited, it’s in the rearview. We are breaking on through, we are multi-dimensional. Chief Mojo is rising. In the Name of the Mother, she is Idle No More and in Transition. She’s Fighting For the Future and wants to Unify humanity. She’s Anonymously Occupying multiple realms, at once. She’s a coalition of the willing, setting off tremors in the bottom of the ocean. You can feel it blowin’ in the wind. A worldwide wave is a-comin’.

Suffice to say, it’s quite the confluence of forces over here. We will do our best to make sense of it. We will decipher, interpret, translate, summon, conjure up and radiate, in a mad wicked beautiful spiraling dance of love and compassion. We will align these forces, like Jackson Pollock put it to the canvas.

Many people have different opinions on what the Worldwide Wave means to them, most all having to do with the emergence of a new paradigm. From my perspective, it feels like being tapped into some kind of divine mystical flow.

It’s multi-dimensional Spiritual Anarchy.

Viva la…

We’ve started posting to Twitter frequently. Check out some of our recent tweets below and please spread the word. MOST IMPORTANTLY, tell us what YOU are going to do to “be the change.” April 4th is coming soon… What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about it? What are YOU… going to do?

~*~ High frequency vibrations ~*~

~*~ WARNING ~*~
These next tweets are slightly lower frequency vibrations.
If you are easily offended, avert your virgin eyes.

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