Spiritual Insurrection: Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery


Adapted excerpt from my new book, FREEDOM IN A TIME OF MENTAL SLAVERY.

I get the same question over and over again. People always say, “I know how corrupt the political and economic system is, but what should I do to help create change? Should I focus on getting money out of politics or breaking up the banks? Should I use alternative currencies? Should I focus on environmental issues? Should I support solar energy? Should I grow organic food? Should I vote for third parties?”

Those are all great ways to create change. However, based on the experience of working with change-makers worldwide, when it comes to the most effective way for you to create change, I always give the same advice to everyone. First and foremost, forget about politics and external forces of any kind. Forget about 10-point political plans and ideologies. Those are all byproducts.

First and foremost, focus within, align with your inner spirit and everything else will take care of itself. What is it that you are most passionate about? What do you love most? Go do that, and do it boldly, without fear.


We live in a time of fear-based mental slavery. The corrupt political and economic system is a byproduct of the fear-based ego. The shortsighted greed that is enslaving humanity and destroying the planet is a byproduct of the fear-based ego. Once you transcend your fear-based ego, you can free your mind and tap into the unprecedented abundance of wealth that is presently available.

Do you want freedom? Do you want genuine freedom?

Lose the fear, the fear of being judged, the fear of fitting in, the fear of failure, the fear of societal pressures upon you, the fear of outside pressure of any kind. Lose the fear.

Forget your ego, let go of your ego. Just let go and surrender to everything that gives you cognitive dissonance. What keeps you up at night? What causes stress and anxiety within you? What are you worried about? What are you afraid of?

Unfold that and you will find that it is part of the fear-based mental slavery, it is part of the psychological enslavement processes. It is based in fear and ego, exactly what you need to just let go of, without fear or hesitation.

Until you lose it all: the pressure, stress, anxiety, expectations, fear and ego. Until you lose it all, you do not know what you are truly capable of.

Do something that you love and do it boldly, without fear. When you take bold and courageous action, your consciousness expands, doors open, doors that fear-based consciousness cannot see. Bold and passionate action, driven by love, without fear, is a portal into another dimension, a new paradigm.

Your freedom, your happiness and evolution, your path to becoming a positive force for all the people around you, therefore, our freedom, the path to global revolution, global evolution, the path to an entirely new paradigm will open up when you focus on what you love, when you align with your inner passion and flow. When you vibrate from love, the multiverse opens up to you. That’s the secret. That’s the real revolution of consciousness that we need.

The more individual and independent your mind becomes, the more empowered and free you become. You will then see that your ability to inspire others is intertwined with your growing freedom. The more individual the mind becomes, the more unified we all become.

The more you empower others, the more empowered you become. It creates a positive feedback loop that propels you further. The path to enlightenment begins within you, the individual, the free individual, and then begins to naturally radiate outward.


The free and empowered individual organically aligns with a higher collective consciousness and becomes another living example, living proof of our divinity. Participate in the emancipation of your mind and soul, and you participate in the emancipation of the human spirit.

Once a critical mass does this, the old, obsolete, corrupt and collapsing paradigm will become a relic of the past. The fear-based ego will become a relic of the past. I know this may sound overly spiritual to many people, but deep down, below the flood of fear-based conditioning that keeps us imprisoned, you know it’s true.

In a time of fear-based mental slavery, we have to become so free that our very existence becomes a bold and courageous act of love. That’s the revolution that we need. That’s the revolution in consciousness that we need. Emancipate yourself from fear-based mental slavery. As the song goes, none but ourselves can free our minds.

Art by Cameron Gray
Music by Shamans Dream

*Freedom In A Time of Mental Slavery, by David DeGraw


  1. I listened to the video while I was jogging. It turned into a sprint without me realizing it. How did I get back home so fast? I must have lost my fear based ego 😉

  2. This is kind of annoying me. Lose the fear, all fear? I get where you’re coming from but you make it sound like, don’t worry, nothing can harm you. do what thou wilt. Also, lose your ego, let it go?? That my friend is impossible. Literally impossible. We have ego’s for a reason, psychology 101. Don’t depress me.

    • Gina, Dave isn’t referring to knifes and bullets. He is talking about allowing people to truly connect with what is important in the world. He is suggesting, and I believe this to be the truth as I have come to separate but very similar conclusions, that by increasing our self-awareness and understanding the real nature of life we can see the lack of necessity for the suffering within it. It’s not something you can do in 10 minutes after reading his article. You have to have already journeyed a little down this path in order to see its truth and the perfect sense it makes. Try reading Krishnamurti and look into simple meditation as a possible starting point if you are really interested in understanding. Love and best wishes…

    • Western psychology is surprisingly inadequate when it comes to addressing fundamental aspects of consciousness. Look into Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and even psychedelic drugs and you will learn (and experience for yourself if you take the time to meditate properly) that the ego, the sense of self, is illusory and is merely a chaotic collection of impermanent memories, thoughts, emotions, sensory input, etc., all of which can be experienced WITHOUT a sense of self clouding the true nature of things.

      Though I think some beautiful ideas are expressed in the above article, the wording is a bit questionable and seems in many ways to support and feed into the idea of a permanent, unified ego, as opposed to granting insight into the selflessness of awareness. I seriously recommend checking out Joseph Goldstein and his teachings on Vipassana (Insight) meditation. You really can’t go wrong listening to recordings of Goldstein explaining Buddhist philosophy (many are available on YouTube). This is not metaphysical mumbo jumbo; it’s rational, personally verifiable insight into reality. It’s a path to awakening and to freedom from dissatisfaction and suffering that I hope will one day spread across the globe, as the author of the above article describes.

      May you lose your self (see what I did there?) in wisdom and love. Peace.

    • P.S. As for letting go of fear, it’s not about denying one’s own vulnerability or mortality. In fact, the increased awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence of reality that comes with spiritual practice only increases one’s awareness of one’s own vulnerability and mortality. But there is no need to act from one’s fear, as one can wisely guard one’s health and safety simply motivated by a love of life rather than by the instinct of fear, which leads to all sorts of other unwholesome states such as a desire for isolation and separation. The trick is simply to be aware of one’s mental states, whether fearful, angry, melancholy, joyful, bored, lustful, or otherwise, and to accept these states as impermanent manifestations in consciousness, refraining from acting upon unwholesome states (such as fear or anger) while cultivating and acting upon wholesome states (such as love and compassion), without becoming attached to pleasant states or averse to unpleasant states, as all are impermanent and will come and go. This is mindfulness, and taken far enough (within the context of Vipassana meditation or another spiritual path) will lead to lasting freedom from the perpetually unsatisfactory nature of reality.

  3. LOVE this!! So many beautiful quotes.

    “Your freedom, your happiness and evolution, your path to becoming a positive force for all the people around you, therefore, our freedom, the path to global revolution, global evolution, the path to an entirely new paradigm will open up when you focus on what you love, when you align with your inner passion and flow.”

  4. Awesome David, I will definitely read your book. I don’t know if you remember me but we had dialogue in the past after reading one of your previous books. I definitely have an unyielding passion for Buddhism, Drumming and Reading so without fear I immerse myself in these endeavors. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have some ideas I’d like to share with you so please send me an email or I can send one to the email I have on record.

  5. SYNCED! David, another wonderful, accurate and very true post. I say Synced because as you wrote this piece I was writing to our current president, being suggestive of how he might secure a legacy that outlives his own life. Here is the “synced” part of what I had written to him. NOTE THE 2nd Line!

    “If you want to form a legacy that out-lives your own life and goes on to affect many generations of people to come, the system must be tweaked. There has to be a few good changes, or, “securing’s” of the constitutional rights that protect and defend the originality of each free citizen. It has to become a system that is not competitive to, and between each other, as it is competitive towards the nobility for goodness and merit amongst each other. A law and bond that establishes the Golden Rule as such. The need to move away from a system that makes toxic our business relations, we must move closer to a system that accelerates and rewards good moral works and good merit. If you can produce these constitutional results, you will carry on a legacy for even 1000 years beyond this day in which I write to you.”


    Love, Light and Power,


  6. I’ve been actually STUDYING love AND fear for some time now. And I’ve come to the conclusion made by many that love is letting go of fear. Fear is a lack of faith in the Great Spirit and if there is such a thing as “sin,” this may be it. David Degraw has made a major contribution to my personal body of knowledge of love and fear and I am very grateful.

  7. To pursue your passion is to be the grandest vision of the greatest expression you ever had about yourself, and choose to pursue it baldly, with alacrity and tenacity. This was brilliant to read, to listen and to read & listen to in tandem. Inspired words. Thank you, Arie

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