I had an intense realization, an epiphany that hit my mind in bright shooting lights… It didn’t happen in a quick lightening bolt flash, all at once, more like a Roman candle going off in the distance, just over the horizon, exploding in sloooow motion… you know how everything slows down when something intense is happening, when one moment feels eternal.

It was a profoundly personal revelation, but it revealed a secret that you may find helpful to you in your journey…

Three things have driven all of my successes: being deeply aligned with the zeitgeist, pumping out consistent content and taking bold action. The key to it all, all three of these things have to be happening in harmony.

I used to edit and analyze news. I developed a feed, sort and file system that allowed me to scan through hundreds of news reports daily. This gave me an intensely in-depth understanding of what was unfolding and emerging throughout the world. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I became so aligned with the zeitgeist that I developed a strong intuitive sense of where mass consciousness was heading. You get so deep into it, you can read the tea leaves and flow one step ahead of it.

In the process of aligning with the zeitgeist, I began posting excerpts from the most informative information I found and started putting out email newsletters. They became popular enough for me to make a decent living off of it. However, I then felt an overwhelming sense that there was way too much unnecessary suffering in the world. When you get a deep understanding of social, economic and political issues, man oh man, you can see how truly horrifyingly corrupt and injust the system is, by design. At that point, I instinctively started making crystalline sense out of it and wrote bold calls to action, which began my journey into activism… Anonymous, 99%, Occupy and… B.O.O.M…

I was thrown on top of a wave of transformation and was riding the zeitgeist. Holy shit, nothing was ever the same after that. Everyone I ever wanted to meet, I got to not only meet them but also have developed strong and meaningful relationships with the people who actually lived up to the hype surrounding them. Endless interview requests from all over the world poured in. Opportunities to do everything from reality TV to consult for the very corporations I rallied against were coming in from every direction. I had no interest in “selling out,” so I turned down everything, other than a handful of interviews that I did with people I had respect for. In mainstream media, the only interviews I agreed to do were with Dylan Ratigan, who, at the time, was the only person on television that was actually reporting on the issues that mattered most, and he is a close friend.

Anyhow, all of that attention and energy flowing at me took me off my game and made me retreat into being a very private and behind the scenes person. I stopped analyzing the news and pushing out content on a consistent basis. I began a painstaking process of developing a long-term strategy around rebooting community centers into transformation hubs and developing a decentralized global network of sustainable autonomous zones. It’s a plan that I firmly believe in, but it is incredibly ambitious and demands a ton of change-making momentum to get it going. So, I then recently reverted back to activism and began organizing a Worldwide Wave of Action. The campaign is ongoing and has been incredibly successful on many levels. Alas, it is yet to deliver that breakthrough zeitgeist splitting energy force that can crack open mass consciousness again and actually evolve society and achieve the urgently needed change that eluded us last time.

Ok, I’m fully aware that people will think that the last sentence reeks of absurdly ambitious, naïve to even entertain the thought of doing such a thing rhetoric. While I can understand that reaction, because that’s what we are propagandized to think, I’m still in touch with the zeitgeist enough to know that it is going to happen. It’s just a matter of when, exactly, it will happen. The Worldwide Wave of Action gave me another deep view into what is emerging globally, and it is nothing less than an unprecedented global uprising. The forces of centralization and consolidated power are collapsing on all fronts. The decentralized evolution is already well underway.

Unfortunately, time is not on our side. The old paradigm is collapsing in spectacular fashion and taking down the overwhelming majority of humanity and the planet with it. The longer it takes for the new paradigm to blossom, the harder it will be to overcome the damage already done. Every millisecond of my day, every fragmented thought in my head, every strand of my mutating DNA is dedicated to this most grandiose calling. As much as I may want to, in times of weakness and frustration, I can’t shake or deny this ever-evolving mission.

Getting back to the revelation and realization I had, I now understand that I have to get back to what I was doing, what worked in the first place: get deep inside the zeitgeist and pump out consistent content. From there, bold mass consciousness shifting actions will organically occur.

To be as efficient and effective as possible, I need to have a steady baseline income flow while doing this. As much as I want to operate outside the old paradigm’s financial system, I have a family to take care of. I don’t want to turn to advertisements or force people to pay for subscriptions to see content. So, once again, I’m going back to what worked in the first place. I’m requesting voluntary monthly subscriptions. The more support you give, the more time I can dedicate to analyzing the news and pumping out quality content. If you think the content that I put out is of value to your life, if you want to be part of the next phase of this journey, please show some love and support by subscribing here.

I’m sure there are some of you that are sick and tired of appeals for financial support. I hear that! I am as well. Every day my email inbox is filled with them. I do not enjoy asking for support. The entire process feels humiliating on an ego level. However, in the grand scheme of things, if that’s what is required to fulfill the mission, you get over it and you do it.

I’m embracing the power of vulnerability and humility!

Time to align and thrive. Let’s do this!

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