TRILLIONS STOLEN!! Get It Back!! Rally At Central Banks Worldwide #WaveOfAction


We’ve had enough of the electoral charade and endless divide and conquer propaganda. Democrats vs Republicans, conservatives vs liberals, it is all a bullshit distraction and anyone who understands economics and how real power operates knows it. Elections are a spectacle for the mentally enslaved. Our “democracy” is an illusion for propagandized minds. We have an aristocratic class of global bankers who run this planet, and it is time for all aware people to step up and do something about it.

When you understand how much wealth there is, $100 trillion in the US alone, you realize that we are witnessing deliberate systemic economic genocide. The unnecessary suffering of the masses must stop. In a time of unprecedented abundance, we are not going to passively sit back while our families are buried in debt and struggle to afford basic necessities.

Our economic system is a crime against humanity!

Economic policy makes it clear that the majority of the population has been sentenced to an impoverished future. The shortsighted greed of global bankers has put us on a fast track to societal chaos and rioting. They have thrown 75% of the population overboard. That is a mathematical fact!

If we want to change things through non-violent methods, the window of opportunity is closing fast. If love and compassion are going to prevail, now is the time to STAND UP.

As all aware people already know, we are at a critical crossroad. Are we going to let our society collapse, or will a critical mass of compassionate citizens courageously stand up and guide us toward a sustainable and prosperous future?

We need bold and courageous action now.

We can use this time of crisis to drastically change course and evolve society in an extremely positive direction. We live in a technologically advanced society that has all the necessary tools to usher in a new age of enlightenment. The only thing that stands between us and unprecedented global prosperity is the shortsighted greed of global bankers.

On June 20th, we will rally at US Federal Reserve banks, the Bank of England and central banks worldwide to focus mass consciousness on the crimes against humanity perpetrated by global bankers.

If you are tired of toiling in debt and fear, join us in this Worldwide #WaveOfAction here!

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  1. David, Revolutions are won long before the first shot is ever fired. And do you know why this happens? Because the people not only must realize the change they wish to see in their leaders, but they must realize the change they wish to see in themselves.

    And that right there is the problem. Before a system can go from having money as the #1 carrot dangling in front of everyone to good morals and good merit becoming the carrot the people must change. We are a nation that consumes 100% and produces 0%. We’re so lazy and complacent we can’t even tend to our own crops. So we sent that south of the border and now most crops are tended by the Mexican people in our country, Even then, we have the gall to whine about the border. Laughable. We became so spoiled rotten we felt we no longer had to even make anything, so we sent our top brand, “Made in the USA” to China. So deep in we didn’t even want to support ourselves, so everyone sent their support to 3rd world countries, many of which do not have English as a Second Language.

    I am afraid that humanity, and especially American’s don’t have what it takes. Although I wanted to think that this go around was going to be different, being we have evolved, have tools to forecast and predict, I thought for sure we would heed the good warning, adjust as a single species to it, and avoid the despair that comes along around this moment in the cycle. I feel that I am sorely mistaken. That unfortunately humanity is once again going to have to learn the hard way. That we wont heed the warnings and hence will be thrust into deep dark despair before finally through those ashes the Phoenix doth rise. Don’t just tell me I am wrong, SHOW ME I am wrong.

    Love, Light and Power,

    • 13, I seriously resent you telling me I’m “lazy and complacent” and that “we didn’t even want to support ourselves” and I “don’t have what it takes.” To do what? To change the greedy corporations and politicians that did this to us? Or are you one of them? Don’t even dare to blame the American people for the sins of the politicians and greedy corporations that run this country. Do you want to know how wrong you are? Take Wal-Mart, for instance. Wal-Mart encouraged manufacturers to outsource to China if they wanted to sell to Wal-Mart. AND Wal-Mart uses all kinds of legal loopholes to avoid paying taxes while robbing working-class American consumers. Since you know so much, why don’t YOU show ME how to stop that?

    • 13, I believe you are commenting on the symptoms and missing the disease. Money does not have to be a dangled carrot as the banking class currently ( last 3 1/2 centuries) dangles their product. Money can be created and distributed in greater abundance than thought possible, even though the QUANTITY must be strictly adhered to to preserve its value.

      You and I did not export the American economy to Asia and elsewhere. That was a deliberate attack on working Americans, and workers of all other nations by the capital owning super class, which DeGraw correctly identifies as led by the bankers cabal.

      Most Americans, or any other people are much the same with more similarities than cultural differences and all have the jam to make the necessary changes if they understand what the issues are. Most Americans and other peoples have no idea how or why the are being subjugated to the almighty dollar or whatever the local branch of the one world bank calls the currency they create at no cost to themselves (out of thin air) but which must be borrowed from a banker as debt to come into existence. That is why the total national debt equals the total national money supply and why the debt can never ever be paid off; to do so would extinguish the money supply. I think you get the picture….in peace bro.

  2. Sorry 13, WE did not send our production to other countries, the corporations did. Haven’t you been paying attention?? And WE are not whining about the border as much as the damn polititions and their base are. I certainly am not whining! It certainly makes me mad to think that what you have written might be shared thinking by others. Just goes to show you that David is right about us being brainwashed and hypnotized. Classic trick by the elite. Get the oppressed to believe they are the oppressors. You don’t even know who the bad guys are. You are drinking the cool-aid

  3. Powerful call there buddy. Appreciated the intensity and concise depth of true state of power and the world in general. I’ll spreal the word and get a crew together.

  4. Oh my… nothing like intelligence and passion mixed together like this. Potent writing and inspiring interview.

  5. Wowser, some people have a way with words. The understated anger while delivering the message was the voice of one who knows.

    As a member of the Canadian group COMER, I sent a link to this presentation hoping that the word will be passed along to our Ottawa members so that they might organize some action at the Bank of Canada (in worse shape the the Fed) headquartered in Ottawa. Now we’re on the right track!

  6. The banks must account for the seigniorage hidden in their financial statements

    In Europe the banks have created 17,000 billions of euro unaccounted for in their balance. This money must be returned to the EU member states and citizen as SOVEREIGN seigniorage profit. The same apply in other states where money creation under the guise of CREDIT is unaccounted for as a profit in the banks balance sheets.

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