Worldwide Wave Begins to Take Shape


When I pressed play on the new Anonymous Worldwide Wave of Action video, the voice of Martin Luther King rang out crystal clear with a message that could not be timelier, “We have come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment. The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges.”

Just then, I thought someone had dropped acid into my coffee, maybe I was still overly weary from my cross-country trek, or perhaps I slipped into a vortex and was transported into a new dimension. As Dr. King said, “I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom,” he became distorted and morphed into an Anonymous masked man. I had fallen down the rabbit hole and entered Wonderland, as Anon MLK declared, “Let freedom ring!”

From there, an Anonymous voice took over and delivered much of the now well-known Worldwide Wave call to action. Our Anonymous friends certainly know how to keep it creative, fun and fresh. The Worldwide Wave has already inspired several other videos (see some here, here, here & here) and has just launched a new organizing site at

The first phase of the Worldwide Wave is set to begin on the anniversary of King’s assassination, April 4th, and run through July 4th. The organizing site has a Post Actions function that allows people to easily share what they are planning to do, along with a map that shows active locations. To get the ball rolling, they have featured a few action campaigns that will run throughout the full three-month cycle:

1) Worldwide Wave Launch gatherings will be held on April 4th at Zuccotti Park and former occupation sites throughout the world.
2) On Mondays – Thursdays, they are calling for Move Your Money Bank Rallies. They are asking people to show up at local bank locations and Federal Reserve sites to encourage people to move their money to community banks and handout information on alternative currencies and new economic systems.
3) Every Friday they are planning Money Out Marches to local City Halls calling for a Constitutional Amendment to get money out of politics.
4) On Saturdays, they are calling for “social events in support of solutions.”
5) On Sundays, they are calling for mass meditations and prayer sessions “in support of ushering in a new paradigm.”

Getting money out of politics and participating in alternative economic systems, with a meditative spiritual layer this time around, are the initial priorities. In my opinion, an increased focus on rallying around solutions, as opposed to just protesting what we are against is a necessary step. I also think a spiritual component is a much needed addition to radical activism. However, as the call to action states, this will be a decentralized crowdsourced movement open to all willing to engage in a wide diversity of nonviolent tactics. These actions are clearly just the beginning. It will be interesting to see what actions people will post and how this evolves. As their homepage says:

“Be the change. What are you waiting for? This is your movement! Let’s create a culture of transformation. Share an action or event that you are organizing. Whether it’s a large-scale demonstration or a small personal act, tell the world what you are doing to be the change we need to see… (Post Your Action Now)”

The campaign is obviously influenced by the Anonymous and Occupy/99% Movement. Reference to a “Global Spring” that builds on the foundation of these movements provides a powerful opportunity for them to regain momentum and recapture mass consciousness. Considering that the social conditions, economic inequality and corruption of the political process have become even more severe than they were in 2011, when the Occupy Movement was born, these movements will have the chance to apply their battle-tested wisdom and regain their influence on the cultural zeitgeist.

The timing seems right. Many more people are now aware of the injustice and exploitative nature of the present system. Even the new Pope is now reciting from the Gospel of Occupy, and Gartner, the respected technology research firm, has predicted, “A larger-scale version of an Occupy Wall Street-type movement” in 2014. New research also demonstrates that it only takes 3.5% of the population to create significant change. Poll after poll proves that we have the overwhelming majority of people behind us. The facts are already on our side.

To get the more passive people involved, to win their hearts and minds, it will be helpful to have a more positive, inspiring, fun and festive approach. Creating a more compassionate and inclusive culture of transformation is what it’s all about. Radical positivity in the face of such corruption and exploitation, with an overwhelming number of things to be negative about, is definitely not easy to pull off.  As the call to action puts it: “Keep moving forward with an indomitable will, a compassionate spirit and radiate a positive attitude. Moods are contagious. Be passionate and have fun!”

After a winter of planning and organizing, the coming Spring will be ripe for a powerful mass movement to emerge. The latest Wave of Action video states, “If we begin preparing now, a massive spring offensive will lead to a summer of transformation, a fall of the empire and the birth of a new era.”

That may sound like naïve wishful thinking, but the facts demonstrate that it is absolutely possible. If we can just show maturity by organizing and coordinating in a slightly more coherent and unified fashion, we will be unstoppable…  and our corrupted leaders know it. The more the endangered oligarchy desperately tightens their grip, the more people will rebel and fight for freedom.

The tipping point is near! A critical mass is now engaged, the wind is at our back, the tide is turning and a Wave of Transformation is rising up over the horizon.

See it, feel it, know it, embrace it and become one with it.

“United we will blaze a contagious nonviolent wave of action through mass consciousness.
United we will signal the end of the old world.
United we will usher in a new paradigm.
Now is the time!”

You can find a Wave of Action Facebook page here, a Twitter account here and an EvolveSociety group here.

If you are planning any actions or doing anything in your personal life “to be the change,” be one of the first people to jump on the new Wave of Action site and post your information here.


  1. I am not religious, but I pray for this to succeed. The prayer/meditation is brilliant. The whole thing has to be passive and non-violent. It will be extremely difficult for the protests to be subverted by violent intruders if everyone is sitting. Can you imagine 10 to 20,000 or even 100,000 demonstrators sitting along the Embarcadero, or in Central Park. A silent mass demonstration of solidarity. I will be there.

  2. At those Rallies I suggest It is imperative that there be a demand for the Comprehensive Budgets for all Countries be published FULLY on the internet.
    Herein lie the darkest secrets kept from the public AND a major source of finance for the NWO. Legally these are supposed to be public but it it will take a lot of people to DEMAND these.
    If we really want to nip the abuse in the bud this will be where to begin. The world will learn how profits are bundled up, given new titles & hidden.

    Please consider this suggestion of how We, the People, can regain influence in and control of our Congress, Government, Nation, and our Future. We, the People, must come together as a lobby group and voting block for matters in which we have a common national interest. Then we lobby political candidates prior to election to enact the list legislation we want enacted. Those candidates you agree to work for us, we give them the block of votes which will assure their election. We also hold a recall petition to use if they lie to us. A We the People lobby and voting block can and will be an effective counter the power of the elite, Wall St, corporations, their lobbyists, and their campaign $$$$’s.
    I suggest when we address the problems our society and nation are confronted with, we place responsibility and blame on those where it belongs. All blame belongs with politicians and their appointees. All to often people refer to government as the problem, and are not specific. Government includes the civil servants. They do what their told to do, or end up in Greenland or Antarctica. A few are heroic and put their career on the line by being a whistle blower. Also, there are a few honest, honorable politicians, I ask that they be recognized. Two politicians such as; Rep. Allen Grayson and Sen. Bernie Sanders
    In every election the voters have the last word, not the campaign $$$$’s. We, the People, only need to elect a simple majority to Congress to regain influence and control of our government. That’s 218 in the House, and 51 in the Senate. The House can be done in one election, but the Senate will require two elections. The House is the important one, it’s the people’s representatives. The one closest to the people.
    The people in the lobby and voting block will come from independents, disgruntled Dem’s and Rep’s. From college students, recent grads, 2nd Amendment supporters, seniors, and members of the many national, state, and local organizations that would like to have an influential voice in Congress to advance their special interests along our common interests. People who are sick and tired of voting for the lesser evil, and want our country put back on track.
    We, the People, have common national interests, along with group special interests. I suggest that addressing our common interests and putting our countries values and policies back on their traditional constitutional and social track by getting political influence and control should be our 1st priority.
    Some examples of our common interests that would help put our country back on track:
    1) A new economic plan and policy. The present trickle down policy isn’t working for We, the People, and worse it’s destroying the middle class.
    2) A reindustrialization plan and policy that will restore factories that produce value added products, and provide good pay employment. The policy for all US corporations must be, if you want to sell your product or service in the USA, produce it in the USA with USA citizens.
    3) Change the Free Trade to a Fair Trade policy. Any entity that wants to import foreign made products, must secure the export of USA produced product of an equal or greater value of their import prior to being granted an import permit. Naturally occurring minerals and commodities needed and not available in the USA must be imported in an unrefined form and processed in the USA.
    4) Real, true tax reform must be done. Every income earner, no matter the amount, must by a fair share. The tax code must be simplified for all tax payers. All loop holes must be closed. US corporations must pay tax on offshore profits, the same as individuals do who work offshore.
    5) Welfare and subsidies for individuals, business, and corporations must be reduced. Individuals who have good paying employment don’t qualify for and receive welfare. The best way to reduce social welfare costs is with good pay employment. The best way to reduce – eliminate business and corporate welfare and subsidies is to restore real, true capitalism, and demand patriotism and loyalty from them as is done of We the People, including those in the military.
    6) Family and education!!! I suggest we restore the family before education can be fixed. Children should receive their social values, self-discipline, and the need and desire of learning – education in their home, from their parents. It’s a parental responsibility to send their children to school in a state of mind and behavior ready and wanting to learn. It is NOT the school’s and/or job to do that. How can a teachers teach the curriculum when they have to deal with disruptive students.
    7) Our Heath Care system is a disaster, it ranks lowest in Quality of care and most expensive in the Western world. I suggest We the People ask health care experts from other Western nations to examine our system and advise us what we need to do to correct the problems.
    8) Our legal system, civil and criminal, is broken. We need to fix it.
    9) Our financial system is broken. The people in control of our monetary and fiscal policies serve their own interests and NOT ours, We the People. We need to fix it.
    10) We, the People, upon achieving political influence and control must insist and demand that there be full, honest investigations of the following, and those responsible held accountable:
    a) 9-11!!!
    b) The 2008 bank collapse, its cause and all financial – economic problems resulting from it.
    c) The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Benghazi.
    d) The attack on the USS Liberty.
    e) There are other matters to add to the list. The record must be made honest and correct.
    If majority control and influence of the House of Representatives is accomplished, We the People can control the Executive Branch by budget control. Thereby We the People can restore that branch to its constitutional position of National Administrator of our nation, and the plans, policies, laws, regulations legislated by the House of Rep’s. Not the all powerful leader – dictator, war monger position that exists now.

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