TRILLIONS STOLEN!! Get It Back!! Rally At Central Banks Worldwide #WaveOfAction

We’ve had enough of the electoral charade and endless divide and conquer propaganda. Democrats vs Republicans, conservatives vs liberals, it is all a bullshit distraction and anyone who understands economics and how real power operates knows it. Elections are a spectacle for the mentally enslaved. Our “democracy” is an illusion for propagandized minds. We have an aristocratic class of global bankers who run this planet, and it is time for all aware people to step up and do something about it.

When you understand how much wealth there is, $100 trillion in the US alone, you realize that we are witnessing deliberate systemic economic genocide. The unnecessary suffering of the masses must stop. In a time of unprecedented abundance, we are not going to passively sit back while our families are buried in debt and struggle to afford basic necessities.

Our economic system is a crime against humanity!Read more

Spiritual Insurrection: Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

Adapted excerpt from my new book, FREEDOM IN A TIME OF MENTAL SLAVERY.

I get the same question over and over again. People always say, “I know how corrupt the political and economic system is, but what should I do to help create change? Should I focus on getting money out of politics or breaking up the banks? Should I use alternative currencies? Should I focus on environmental issues? Should I support solar energy? Should I grow organic food? Should I vote for third parties?”

Those are all great ways to create change. However, based on the experience of working with change-makers worldwide, when it comes to the most effective way for you to create change, I always give the same advice to everyone. First and foremost, forget about politics and external forces of any kind. Forget about 10-point political plans and ideologies. Those are all byproducts.

First and foremost, focus within, align with your inner spirit and everything else will take care of itself. What is it that you are most passionate about? What do you love most? Go do that, and do it boldly, without fear.


We live in a time of fear-based mental slavery. The corrupt political and economic system is a byproduct of the fear-based ego. The shortsighted greed that is enslaving humanity and destroying the planet is a byproduct of the fear-based ego. Once you transcend your fear-based ego, you can free your mind and tap into the unprecedented abundance of wealth that is presently available.

Do you want freedom? Do you want genuine freedom?

Lose the fear, the fear of being judged, the fear of fitting in, the fear of failure, the fear of societal pressures upon you, the fear of outside pressure of any kind. Lose the fear.Read more

Russell Brand's Epic Political Debacle & How To Start A Real Revolution

In the grand scheme of things, Russell's temporary lapse of judgment, as spectacular as it was, is just a minor blip on the radar. However, there were several very powerful lessons that were learned in the process that can help many people who are working for change. Even if airing some personal grievances makes me look bad, to not do so would be an act of fear and weakness. I started writing this as part of the healing process and it led me to a very powerful place that many of us can benefit from.

Russell Brand’s Epic Political Debacle

Over the past three years I have spent more time supporting Russell Brand than I have anyone else. From his comedy tour to the Paxman interview, from his book to his latest film, I’ve given him advice and every key finding from my economic and political research, which he has used with his own brilliant wit and style. Along the way I have invested my own credibility in building up his, working hard to get the most hardcore activists, and political and economic thinkers to support him. Read more

Are You Ready To Be Unplugged? Freedom In A Time Of Mental Slavery (Video 1)

Video created in support of FREEDOM IN A TIME OF MENTAL SLAVERY...Read more