The Economics of Revolution Interviews, Roundup 1 ~ Peak Inequality, Basic Income & the Emerging Revolution

I ended my ban on interviews. If I get assassinated tomorrow, I'd be content knowing that I got the message out in these videos... Here are excerpts from my 30-minute interview with Thom Hartmann: You can watch the full interview here ~ Part 1 & Part 2 Here is the first half of my Ring of Fire radio…

'Another World Is Happening' - Occupy Wall Street One Year Anniversary Interview

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, interviews David DeGraw about the birth and evolution of Occupy Wall Street on its one year anniversary: "This is about empowering a new generation to be leaders, to be engaged.... We have millions of people engaged in creating change that were not engaged and creating change a year ago....…

Video Interview Archive

Check out a video archive featuring some of David's interviews here.