Here we are… racking up debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck in propaganda-induced panic and fear, filled with anxiety and stressed out while political candidates like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are serving up our future to the war profiteers.

Have you subjected yourself to any of the Republican or Democratic debates? Are they really the best our political system has to offer? No wonder why Americans are so apathetic and the overwhelming majority of the population will sit home and watch “reality” TV instead of voting this election cycle. These debates are like watching cave people throw rocks at each other. They would be hilarious, if only they had no bearing whatsoever on who would be leading our country.

The narrow view of reality these debates give is horrifying and deeply disturbing to anyone who understands serious issues confronting the world today. The debates have been giving us heavy doses of fear and division. The distorted focus and pompous smack talk on terrorism and the Middle East is fear-based propaganda. Despite all the time spent arguing about it, the root of the issue has not even been mentioned. The fact that not a single candidate has stood up and yelled BULLSHIT on the entire delusional charade is all we really need to know.

God forbid one of the candidates said, “Wait! Hold on a minute here. Perhaps if we stop giving TRILLIONS of dollars to war profiteers, and use that money to transition to sustainable technologies and wipe out global hunger, poverty and economic insecurity; perhaps that would be a good way to significantly reduce terrorism, war, environmental destruction, crime, poor healthcare, poisonous food supply, inadequate education, unemployment, homelessness and rebuild crumbling infrastructure, while transitioning to a debt free, zero carbon footprint future. Oh, and while we are at it, how about we recoup at least a portion of the TRILLIONS of dollars that have been looted by a wholly corrupt global banking cartel that controls both the Republican and Democratic parties through a system of political bribery.”

Seriously, how come we haven’t heard a single candidate stand up and boldly say that in these debates? Is it because the debates are a meaningless spectacle for the propagandized masses who must be kept in a permanent state of utter ignorance when it comes to any real issues that truly affect their lives? Is it because both parties are beholden to the biggest terrorists on the planet?

I’ve had enough of this corrupt and bankrupt system of oppression! I’m on a mission to find a REAL candidate for president. We need BOLD leadership; an Independent candidate who can transcend this obsolete, corrupt and collapsing system and point the way to the new paradigm.

Most people don’t want to run because they see the political system as too toxic. People don’t want to subject themselves to the constant criticism and ridicule that powerful interests will focus on them. They know the game is rigged against us and they feel that they will be effectively marginalized. “It’s just not worth it,” cries the coward. People who choose not to run prefer to passively live in shortsighted comfort while Rome burns. Now is not the time to be afraid. Stop living in fear!

Is there anyone out there who will be bold and courageous? Who is going to step up and truly defend The People? Who is willing to serve this nation? We haven’t had a real leader in decades. The “greatest generation” is dying off. Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Grandma aren’t going to save us. It’s time to grow up! It’s time to get real! OUR FUTURE IS AT STAKE HERE.

And if no one is going to step up and independently run soon, I’ll just run myself. Seriously, I don’t care what people will say about me. I’m not afraid of all the criticism and smear campaigns that the corrupt establishment will unleash. I’m not going to live in fear of these dinosaurs. Give me 15 minutes to debate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Enough with the clown show! This isn’t “reality” TV, this is the future of your family that is at stake here! I’m not putting my family’s future in the hands of Donald fucking Trump, Shillary Clinton or any of these Republicans and Democrats.

They can’t marginalize us! We inspired and organized a decentralized global uprising unprecedented in human history. And we are MUCH MORE POWERFUL NOW. The paradigm shift has begun. If we focus our energy, WE WILL OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE IN 2016!!!

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