A Call to Arts… new art / meme war campaign…

Contribute your creativity…

Great artists are explorers who venture deep into the swirling chaos that surrounds us; in search of deeper truth, deeper meaning, and then they reflect it back to society in a way that the masses can understand it and relate to it, so people can expand their own awareness because of the artist’s insight.

An artist renders a higher resolution reality.

Great artists translate an expansion of consciousness in a way that the average person can understand it, and therefore expands society’s consciousness. They evolve collective consciousness.

“Whenever the collective unconscious becomes a living experience and is brought to bear upon the conscious outlook of an age, it is a creative act which is of importance for a whole epoch…. [Society] requires an adjustment, when an artist or seer points the direction.”
~ Carl Jung

“Art at its most significant is a Distant Early Warning System that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it.”
~ Marshall McLuhan
“Artists are the antennae of the human race.”
~ Ezra Pound

“One very important aspect of art is that it makes people aware of what they know and what they don’t know that they know…. The artist, then, expands awareness. Once the breakthrough is made, this becomes part of the general awareness.”
~ William Burroughs

I’ve been in discussion with several popular artists about this new art / meme war campaign to make some sense out of the swirling chaos that surrounds us. If you are an artist or can suggest some inspiring artists to participate in this project, please let me know. In addition, if you are not an “artist,” and feel inspired to create art, graphics or memes, feel free to post your contribution to the comment section. Please add the hashtag, “#CallToArts” somewhere in the your graphic and on social media posts.