Over the past year, I have only made a few posts to help spread evidence from courageous military whistleblowers.  I haven’t been publishing content because I’ve been moving in silence, traveling around the U.S., building a continental army to defend communities from imperial N.W.O. tactics and societal collapse.

In the process, I’ve been finishing a new book that I am releasing as a life insurance policy.

I now have the second draft in the hands of several powerful lawyers and a group of strategically well-placed influential allies.

I have also given them 8-hours of testimonial video.

Ultimately, I applied lessons learned from Sun Tzu’s Art of War:

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

“Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.”

“At first, then, exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you an opening; afterwards emulate the rapidity of a running hare, and it will be too late for the enemy to oppose you.”

No matter what happens to me moving forward, I now have complete peace of mind knowing that my life’s work will be known, and much more importantly, people will now have an in-depth understanding of the attacks deployed against us and how to effectively counter them.


Since the early days of the Internet, David DeGraw has been censored, hacked and suppressed in many nefarious ways. Yet, time and time again, he has courageously persisted in finding ways to break free from the chains to expose corruption at the highest levels and launch movements for justice.

His strategic network of alliances throughout the Intelligence Community, military and politics, including a wide diversity of thought leaders, artists and activists with opinions across the entire political spectrum, has made him an undeniable force to be reckon with.

It is hard to imagine that anyone has a more in-depth understanding of the attacks against us in combination with the ability to unite people for strategic counter-measures more effectively than David.

He has fearlessly led the charge on all of the issues listed below.

Here are 35 of his career highlights, in chronological order, 1992 – 2022:

1. The Bank of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI) scandal – revealing over a decade of CIA covert funding of almost every evil imaginable, including but not limited to: the Savings & Loan scandal; stock market manipulation, global money laundering; Iran-Contra Affair; Iran hostage crisis; Iraqgate-BNL, funding Saddam Hussein; Pakistan’s nuclear program, bomb-making technology to Libya, Iran & North Korea; funding of Osama bin Laden & Al Qaeda network; global weapons black market; support of terrorism worldwide; international drug trade run by people like Noriega & Escobar, global sex trafficking, management of prostitution, political bribery, entrapment, manipulation of elections, tax evasion & illegal immigration. As the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations investigation summed it up: BCCI’s criminality was “limited only by the imagination of its officers and customers.” The CIA ran the bank & the DoJ, FBI, leadership of both parties & the mainstream media covered it up for over a decade, none of the major players were held accountable;

2. CIA facilitation of crack cocaine epidemic throughout U.S. inner cities, research for Gary Webb’s Dark Alliance investigative series;

3. History & evolution of propaganda, PR, marketing, Psychological Operations & behavioral sciences – first book in 1996, The Art of Mental Warfare: Deconstructing the Technocratic Complex;

4. Media consolidation, FCC ownership laws & the death of journalism;

5. The money trail & imperial strategies that led to 9/11;

6. Evidence proving no WMDs in Iraq & false intel used to justify invasion, revealed before the Shock & Awe bombing campaign began, SAIC’s pivotal role;

7. The Psychological Operations that built public support for the invasion of Iraq, documentary WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception;

8. The Abu Ghraib torture scandal, including the CIA’s cover-up & unconstitutional surveillance of Congress;

9. War crimes & rampant war profiteering throughout “War on Terror,” it is a war against Americans, used as front to loot U.S. Treasury, global resources, opium/opioid epidemic, fund surveillance state & bury Americans in debt;

10. History & evolution of electronic voting machines, privatized vote counting, hacking & manipulation of elections;

11. Before the financial crisis of ’08, subprime mortgages, NINJA loans & fraudulent triple-A rated derivatives that eventually blew up the global economy, 2006 documentary America Before the Bubble Bursts;

12. Corrupt Wall Street bailout policies & Federal Reserve operations that looted trillions of dollars, ZIRP, QE, front running, High Frequency Trading & the rise of A.I. algorithmic market manipulation, Black Rock’s Aladdin;

13. Originator of the 1% vs 99% concept, founder of the 99% Movement & original organizer of the global Occupy Movement, book The Economic Elite Vs The People of the United States;

14. System of legalized bribery: campaign finance, lobbying & revolving door;

15. Falsified economic statistics, “revised” methodologies: inflation, poverty, unemployment, labor participation rate, inequality, debt, unfunded liabilities, looting Social Security Trust Fund, underreported overall wealth, tens of trillions in offshore & hidden wealth;

16. 75% of population sentenced to debt slavery, mathematical fact, cannot generate enough income to keep up with cost of living without taking on ever-increasing debt, strategic/deliberate debt death spiral, book The Economics of Revolution;

17. Negative consequences of poverty cost society more than eliminating poverty;

18. National Security & the death of the U.S. Constitution: capture of systemic accountability mechanisms & societal institutions, “too big to fail” doctrine / NatSec-backed global corporate cartels – big banks, big intel, big media/tech, big pharma, agriculture/food, energy, education, etc.;

19. CIA drone bombings, over 90% of deaths are innocent civilians / “collateral damage,” Obama Admin dropped over 100k bombs, most ever, averaged 34 bombs dropped per day, every day of presidency;

20. Strategic Communication Laboratories’ Cambridge Analytica scandal & evolution of Psychological Operations & behavioral sciences – A.I. machine-learned algorithmic manipulation of individual-specific confirmation biases, psycho-metric profiles & behavioral micro-targeting;

21. Plunder of U.S. energy supply, #1 “exporter,” smash & grab imperial heist, record-breaking extraction rates, rampant pollution;

22. DoD contaminated the water supply of more than 200 million Americans;

23. U.S. veterans sue Pentagon for over $980 billion in damages / death & harm;

24. The first ever audit of the Pentagon, trillions of dollars in unaccounted for military spending, thousands of whistleblowers silenced;

25. COVID PSYOPS, censorship operations, lockdowns, inhumane profiteering rackets & Crimes Against Humanity;

26. COVID CARES Act, strategic consolidation of wealth, Black Rock enthroned;

27. COVID bio-weapon, weaponized spike protein, mRNA nanotech gene-editing injections, software of life/bio-operating system, bio-metric surveillance & control;

28. Corrupt & inhumane COVID Treatment Guidelines, EUAs, Remdesivir, deadly ventilators, incentivizing & codifying systemic medical malpractice;

29. Ivermectin-based protocols to effectively treat COVID, a molecule from the soil that defends our cells by preventing replication of weaponized spike proteins & nanotech parasites;

30. POG SOF COM & the battle to end lockdowns & mandates;

31. U.S. military service members strategically deceived, coerced & illegally discharged, illegal punishments & separation, the Comirnaty bait & switch PSYOP, the cover-up of hundreds of thousands of service members denying the shot, unconstitutional strategic purge, illegal DoD orders & activity on all things COVID-related;

32. U.S. military whistleblowers exposing widespread mRNA nanotech shot injuries, the DMED database, morale & combat readiness crisis;

33. COVID is the opening salvo, first wave of World War III, the globalist aristocracy’s tyrannical attempt to enslave humanity, control of bodies & minds, eradicating individual sovereignty, personal consciousness, critical thought & free will, due to A.I. global corporate leaders don’t need most of work force, now easier than ever to control populations;

34. Threat Matrix, Full Spectrum Dominance: A.I., nanotech, CRISPR, GMOs, EMFs, 5G, bio-metric surveillance, geo-engineering, PSYOPS, censorship, social credit, ESGs, Central Bank Digital Currency, etc.;

35. (Latest Project) Founder of In Defense of Humanity: Continental U.S. & global army to restore freedom, peace & justice, prosecute Crimes Against Humanity, defend communities from N.W.O. attack vectors & unconstitutional policies, building self-sufficient communities.

As David proves in detail throughout this book, for his entire career he has been at war with the same interests.

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